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The the Robinette Company Employment Center is the job information center for the Robinette Company. The Employment Center provides information on available jobs and provides a method for job seekers to submit their applications to the Robinette Company. The Employment Center is available at anytime, and all applications are immediately available for screening by HR and the hiring Managers.
To apply for a job follow these steps:
  • Click Job Opportunities.
  • For the listing of jobs, click the link of the job you would like to apply for.
  • Carefully read the job description. If you meet the qualifications for the job, click the link to apply for the job. If not, click on the Job Opportunities link and select a different job.
To submit an application and have it considered as complete, you must complete all steps; Some jobs may have an assessment at the end of the application. If there is an assessment, your application will not be considered complete until you take the assessment. Once you have completed all requisite parts of the application you will see a message on the screen informaing you that all parts are completed:
  • You will be provided with an Application ID and Password. Please remember these in case you have to return to the site to complete the application process.
  • If you plan on uploading a resume, ensure that it does not exceed 100 KB, and the information within the resume is current and matches the information you are entering into the online application.
  • Complete each part of the online application. Your application will not be considered until each part of the application process has been completed.
  • Provide as much information as possible. Do not use your resume as a substitute for entering information in the application.
  • Allow yourself at least 60 un-distracted mintues to complete the application process.
You may apply for as many different jobs as you like. However, you may not apply for the same job more than 1 time in any given 90 days. Once you apply for a position, you must wait until after 90 days have elapsed until you may apply for that position again.
If you are having problems submitting your application or have questions during the application process, contact Technical Support at 1-800-856-0217 Ext 5.
If you did not complete your application, click on the following link:

Completing an incomplete application

This page will allow you to log into the Employment Center and continue the application process.
If you cannot remember your ApplicationID and/or password, click on the following link:

Forgot your ApplicationID and/or Password

If an email address was provided during the application process, the email address can be entered and submitted. The ApplicationID and Password will be sent to that address. Once received, go to the Incomplete Application page and log in.
The information obtained from your application may be viewed by the the Robinette Company Human Resources Department and/or a designated hiring manager at the specific location(s) that you have applied to. This information is strictly confidential. Email addresses that are entered by the applicant as part of the application will only be used by the Robinette Company for the following reasons:
  • For retrieval of a forgotten ApplicationID and/or Password;
  • To send notifications during the application process;
  • To contact an applicant about their application status.
Email addresses are not shared with any third party for any reason.
If you see a message that says information entered is invalid or is missing, correct the data entered or input the missing data in the field that it is pointing to. Certain data must always be formatted in the same way. Computers do not know that one is the same as 1. They see the first as a word and the second as an integer. same goes with dates. If they are told to accept the date in a given format, then any other format will be rejected. If you are not sure what was entered incorrectly you can call technical support and read the exact message that was displayed on the screen to them so that they can assist you.

Should you receive a page that says "The page cannot be displayed" do not keep trying to submit as that will never resolve the issue. Instead call 1-800-856-0217 Ext 5. this is the Candidate Resources, Inc technical support number. The representative will try to resolve the issue for you and if they cannot do so they will contact the programmers who will get the issue resolved.