250 Blackley Road, Bristol, TN 37620

Quality Assurance

Following an initial QC inspection on the production floor, The Robinette Quality Lab is the central location for material inspection and quality control. For all of our printed products we use an X-Rite spectrophotometer to precisely match custom colors, a calibrated viewing station to match customer proofs and standards, and Stratix ANSI UPC verification to ensure functionality for the consumer.

We also have a full collection of physical property testing equipment including coefficient of friction/slide angle for critical stacking applications, surface rub testing for water and abrasion resistance, tensile and lamination bond strength testing to verify package performance, heat seal testing for conversion roll stock, and pressurized or submerged tank testing to check for seal integrity and microscopic leaks in high barrier items.

All of our laboratory testing results are fully documented and can be included in Certificates of Analysis on request. Our quality lab also supports the Technical and R&D department in the creation of mock-up samples and physical property analysis for competitive sample comparisons.