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The Robinette Company is committed to the protection of the environment wherever we conduct our business activities. The objective is to continuously educate ourselves concerning health and environmental science and perpetually strive to improve our environmental performance. We will maintain a cooperative relationship with federal, state and local agencies in order to maintain a status of compliance with environmental laws and regulations. In accordance with this policy, The Robinette Company will:

  • Set meaningful environmental performance goals that are measurable and track progress against these goals with the aim of continuous improvement.
  • Ensure that environmental performance is an integral part of short and long range planning.
  • Promote sustainable awareness and responsibility in our employees, contractors, suppliers, and customers, and provide training where required.
  • Assess environmental consequences before entering new ventures, activities and acquisitions.
  • Effectively use human resources to achieve exemplary environmental performance.
  • Be a good corporate citizen and effectively communicate with communities and others concerning health and the environment.
  • Encourage and support research to improve environmental understanding and methods of environmental protection both in the products we produce and in our operational activities.